Rollforming is a process in which steel or other metal coil is progressively shaped across its linear axis, through a horizontal series of roller dies, into shapes of uniform cross-section and thickness and then cut to specified length. Where medium or large volumes are involved, rollforming provides major advantages over pressbraking…

  • Reduced labor and material handling
  • Faster, continuous production with reduced cost-per-piece
  • Greater accuracy, uniformity and consistency throughout both the individual piece and production lots
  • The rollforming process can incorporate perforating, notching, punching, etc., thus reducing secondary operations, parts rejections, and related costs
  • Precision parts facilitate savings in labor and costs
  • Speedier assembly resulting from part uniformity and tighter tolerances
  • Far longer lengths are achievable
  • More surface-friendly for prepainted, precoated and preplated metals
  • Two separate pieces/materials can be simultaneously formed, in a single operation, to produce a strong composite part

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