Jamé Roll Form customers derive especially vital value and advantages:

Significant Economies …

  • Significant economies accomplished through material cost savings, uniquely possible by the combined Jamé/Mars Steel vast purchasing scale
  • Increased production and assembly efficiencies, with accompanying savings, using Jamé’s consumer-specific manufacturing approach
  • Customers’ expenditures are reduced, and cash-flows are enhanced, because die and related tooling costs are normally borne by Jamé

Outstanding Quality …

  • Assured, consistent, on-spec quality achieved through our stringent Statistical Process Control (SPC) manufacturing environment
  • We’re masters in value-added processes including continuous arch profiling, composite parts, prepainted, etc.

Reliable and Rapid Delivery …

  • Enhanced by massive stocking systems and efficient Just-In-Time (JIT) shipment capabilities (including bimodal)
  • Super-efficient production and information systems

Superior Packaging …

Individualized, superior product packaging fosters easy, safe handling and storage

Customer Partnership & Support …

  • Proactive, dynamic and creative solutions to customers’ concerns and needs
  • Top-notch technical knowledge
  • Expert, courteous, hands-on customer service
  • Formidable capital resources allow us to fully support the largest customers