Jamé Roll Form Products is North America’s leading manufacturer of rollformed custom steel shapes. Jamé has outstanding expertise in roll forming heavy-gauge and high-strength hot rolled and galvanized steels. We feature very low cost, on-spec quality, extensive tooling and production capabilities, fast response and reliable supply. Our Chicago manufacturing facility is in the heart of the U.S. steelmaking and metal fabricating market. For 30 years we’ve been dependably and economically supplying the most value-driven customers, especially in the truck body/trailer and farm equipment industries.

We are the leading rollforming supplier of steel products including C-channel, U-channel, hat posts, corner posts, nose posts, composite steel posts, fence posts, Z-posts, angles, roofing panels, grain bin stiffeners, grape stakes, garden stakes, and guard rail.

Jamé is a roll form “solutions center.” We’ll engineer the best solutions for your objectives, and deliver our products dependably and economically.